My first batch of pictures

My girlfriend and I are still learning to use the camera for astrophotography, but we’re getting the hang of it. These are some of my first pictures that I liked after processing them.

My first good one, just getting used to the camera, and the raw photo editor, from my backyard

on October 10th, 2015, we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to get some pictures of the planets in the early morning. I think our focus may have been off, we were so busy playing with other settings, and we couldn’t tell the pictures weren’t focused correctly, but we still got some decent shots.

Orion, and Taurus with the Pleiades, and a hint of Canis Major

Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon, this is what we went up for, the views were worth it, again, the focus isn’t the best, but the processing helped it a lot

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