It starts here . . .


My name is JT, and this is my website. I play with it in my spare time, and would like to eventually draw traffic by posting tutorials and hints for all sorts of thing about your computer.

I’ve done technical support for Vonage and BlackRock, and a few other places, but right now I work in the IT department at my work for my company. I don’t really know my job title though…Jr. Systems Administrator? That sounds about right. Every day I’m learning more and more about Linux, servers, and the Internet in general, w00t!

I’m enrolled in Salt Lake Community College to get my Network Systems AAS degree. I started in the spring of 2014.

I live in Salt Lake City, love to longboard, play with my computer, and read insane amounts of Sci-Fi books.

Have a look around, I think this place is really starting to come together.